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Welcome to Ms. Vick's 6th Grade Class!
Upcoming Dates
Quote for thought...
Australia 2015
Conference Week NEXT Week!
Valentine's Day Party-February 14th 11:30-12:50
Spring Conference Sign-Ups
Valentine's Day Cards
Math Pilot Update:
Genius Hour is coming to our classroom!
Have a WONDERFUL Break!
White Elephant Gift Exchange Information:
December Events
Many of you asked for an AR Reading List...Here you go!
Conference Week is NEXT WEEK!
Collegiate Calendar Option
Golden Goblet Novel Study
Boo Blast Parade Tomorrow!
Unit Tests and Projects Approaching!
Progress Reports
November Conference Sign-Ups
Wordly Wise 3000
Thank you for a wonderful night!
Thank you for a great first week!
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!
"It's time to be more awesome!"
Flexible Seating in our classroom!